#47 Avoid Post Competition Blow-out Steps with Ty Lucas

May 3, 2015


 Avoid Post Competition Fat Gain with Reverse Diet and These MUST DO Steps...


...whats the point of dieting, training hard and staying strict to your plan for serious fat loss - only to blow out, gain weight and look nothing like a fitness competitor only weeks post show?


Myself and Ty Lucas has done it the wrong way, and have done it the right way.  Both with ourselves and our clients, so we delve deep and talk about what you should be doing after a serious fat-loss phase.


Learn how to get in great shape, avoid metabolic damage, reverse diet and be able to drop fat quicker and stay lean year round with this episode.


Show Notes:

0:32 Episode intro
5:33 Who is Ty Lucas
7:15 Where did Ty go wrong when he went wrong
8:45 Why it's vital for post contest to be done right
10:49 What is Metabolic damage
13:05 Be patient
13:32 Post contest vs pre contest - which is harder
20:40 Next day plan
23:00 Post contest training plan
27:33 Ty's real world client experience
30:27 Why scale weight is a poor determiner of your body
35:46 Major points from Ty's client experience
37:27 Where to find Ty
38:30 Closing words



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