#40 Training Unleashed For Fat Loss and Muscle with Dane Hutchinson

February 22, 2015

Burning the most amount of fat and build the muscle you want by training the "right" way...


This is about unveiling the truths behind getting the most out of your training.


A quick breeze over the show notes below shows you when I sat down with Dane we chocked plenty into just one episode.


If you're wanting to get transform your body and use the realistic and practical advice Physique Coaches use, then this episode is for you...



Show Notes:


0:31 Episode intro
2:12 Today's guest is...(drumroll please) Dane Hutchinson
3:31 Let's get to know who Dane is and what he does
6:50 Training design for females
9:44 Work with what the client wants to achieve
10:39 Common scenarios that women jeopardize their goals
15:32 What exactly is Tempo training?
18:26 Why should women not worry about building muscles
20:20 Beginner vs Experienced lifter
22:41 Dane's thoughts on achieving results
25:47 Some things just don't work for some people
27:48 The importance of gut health
29:38 Usual problems among guys who train
31:48 The secret to bulking up, correct technique and form
34:36 Three intensifiers for bench press
37:47 Training program for a 45 yo guy
45:54 Final tips and insights
47:13 Where to find Dane
48:49 Closing words


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