#39 Training the Female Body with Nick Daniel

February 15, 2015

Learn how to train the female body...


Nick Daniel from Ultimate Performance and I delve into the common problems that you need to know and how to fix when training the female body.


This is a great episode for all the ladies that tune into the The Fat Loss Pro Podcast and all the Personal Trainers.


This episode absolutely whipped by as Nick and I went head first into these topics... and I will bringing Nick back on the podcast, so Comment Below with what topics you want covered.

Show Notes:

0:32 Episode intro
5:14 Who is Nick Daniel?
6:44 Female training aspects
7:49 The role of your pelvis and it's effect to the body
9:58 What is a "Q angle"
10:30 The importance of Q angle
11:23 Effect of "Q angle" to the rest of the body
13:06 How to deal with Q angle related issues
17:50 When to use a lunge
18:40 Why Nick prefer the Cable split squat
22:11 Posture and gravity
26:49 Action steps to take away
28:34 Keep things simple
31:45 Training during menstrual cycle
36:40 Where to find Nick
37:41 Closing words

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