#45 Bodybuilding Transformation with Andy Bell

March 29, 2015

Do you want to Build Muscle, Burn Off Stubborn Fat, Completely Transform Your Body and Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life...?


(I hope so because thats what Im here to give you with The Fat Loss Pro Podcast)


...This episode is all about guiding you through what's holding you back when wanting to get in great shape and transform your body.  And why I have brought on Andy Bell for us to chew the fat over his transformation and how you can take away the much needed advice for yourself.


Show Notes:

0:38 Episode Intro
4:40 Who is Andy Bell
7:05 Quote: "If you believe you can do something, the only way you can find out if you can actually do it or not is if you put in 100% into it."
8:23 What triggered Andy to be a pro body builder?
12:06 Why the dream never faded
14:01 Andy's latest weight challenge
18:58 Genetics - how limiting exactly is it?
24:20 Why your belief and the people you're around with matters
25:42 My training experience with Milos Sarcev
29:35 How hard are you working?
31:27 Are you training hard or trying hard?
33:17 Stubborn fats
34:38 Detox after a show?
36:28 Sort out your health now
45:49 Training is a collaborative process
49:15 Where to find Andy
50:16 Closing words

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