#44 Fat Loss Metabolism Truths

March 22, 2015

 Peeling back the truths on your Fat Loss Metabolism so you can use ONLY what works, and avoid the fads.


With so many questions pouring in with it relating to speeding up fat loss, avoiding plates, burning off stubborn fat... plus A LOT more -- It's time to kick off the first 'Solo Session' and bring you the answers you want.


...comment below with questions you have for me, and I'm going to dish out the answers so that you can fast track your physique and health transformation.


Covering some topics that I know will be controversial, but bringing to light whats important, whats individual to you, and what you can forget about.


Show Notes:

0:30 Episode intro
2:26 iTunes review from Mitch
4:16 Let's talk fat loss metabolism
8:25 Other checkpoints when cutting your calorie intake
8:51 Insulin - the pros and cons
14:40 How to exercise your will power
17:11 Why weight training is critical in weight loss
18:38 How to manage your cortisol
19:47 Rapid fat loss protocols
20:12 The cleanses and detoxes
21:22 Scrap the absolutes
22:23 Let's talk about protein, fat and carbs
26:25 Episode wrap up

Why you should listen like your life depends on it:

  • Results based information that is proven to work so you are never fed-up with mediocre results
  • Use this as your 'go-to' guide to know exactly what to do
  • Not only learn the info from me, but the world-class guests that I bring on
  • Because you don't want to waste your time on useless confusion, that's just spinning your wheels


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