#43 Fat Loss Truths with Chris Dufey and Coach Ryan

March 15, 2015

The Truths In What YOU Need To Do To Transform Your Body and Lose Weight...


This episode Coach Ryan flips the table and interviews me for his (must listen to) Fat Loss Solution Podcast and gets me to unveil the insights on myself and my beliefs when it comes to shaping bodies.


Wanting to showcase the truths and clear away the confusion Coach Ryan hammers me with great questions -- and I just unleash my best answers.  Thats why we knew that you had to have this episode.


Just check out the show notes below for all the topics we cover -- this episode is chock-full of gems that will have you burning fat faster, and doing it the right way.

show notes:

0:31 Episode intro
4:33 Chris's journey to become the Fat Loss Pro
11:13 Why results matter more than certifications
11:50 Where to start to building a better body
15:58 How to figure out how many calories you should be eating
18:16 Don't compare yourself 
20:12 Dietary changes and progression
25:36 Macro percentage splits
27:40 Training plateau 
31:46 Why you should be meticulous
35:12 Chris's diet plan
36:54 Calorie ceilings: how low should you go?
38:57 Chris's philosophy on cardio
42:54 Fasted cardio 
43:42 Typical training structure that produce results in the shortest time
47:10 How I train 9 times per week with weights
49:05 How to burn stubborn fats
50:49 How to improve blood flow to the glutes
52:24 Top 5 go to supplements for getting lean
57:10 Where to get more of Chris
59:15 Closing words

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