#42 The Four Pillars of Fitness with Brandon Epstein

March 9, 2015

Discover the Four Pillars of Fitness to unlock the body and health you "really" want...


Brandon Epstein from entrepreneurfitness.com comes on todays episode with me to unveil what the Four Pillars of Fitness are, and how you can easily use them to unlock the physique, fat loss, muscle, health and well-being.


This is one you want to sink your teeth into and soak up the insight myself and Brandon have for you

Show Notes:

0:30 Episode intro
3:49 Who is Brandon Epstein?
6:08 How are health and fitness entrepreneurs different from the rest
8:16 The structure of Brandon's four week program
9:52 The role of habits
12:19 Brandon's morning ritual
17:51 Food and nutrition for entrepreneurs
19:03 The biggest problems with nutrition
21:16 The results
23:53 Self sabotage and how to fix it
26:38 Be self aware!
28:18 How to get in touch with Brandon
29:16 Closing words



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