#41 Your Body Transformation Plan with Justin Maguire

March 1, 2015


 Discover How YOU Can Transform Your Body With The Proven, Simple Steps...


I bring Justin Maguire back on (after 2 other awesome episodes) for us to delve deep into what it actually takes, along with what works and what is wasting your time when you want to totally transform your body.


Clearing away the confusion and frustration with what you need to be doing, we bring a "real life" approach, because we know what works from the results and transformations we have had with our own clients... and we want to unveil it to you.


Show Notes:

0:31 Episode intro
4:32 Background info on who Justin Maguire is
7:51 Justin's thoughts on goal setting
8:19 Why is there a need for specifics in goal setting
13:49 The concept of exposure
18:40 Moderation and periodization
19:56 The case with choosing the right diet
21:37 Tips in creating individual strategies
23:50 Set achievable dietary objectives
24:00 Set specific habits
25:25 Reverse carb cycling
34:48 Key points to successful transformations
38:09 Who is a good coach?
42:22 What's to come in Marbella, Spain this August
47:40 Closing words


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